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It’s not uncommon for company fleet managers and business owners to be hesitant in implementing a GPS Fleet Tracking Solution, for fear of employees thinking that “Big Brother is watching them”.

Employee perceptions are influenced greatly by how a GPS tracking initiative is presented internally. As such, any staff objections can be overcome if management explains the benefits to the company and the employee.

View your vehicle's current location in real time using the TAG GPS Tracking easy to read online maps. Being cloud based with no software to install, all you need is a web enabled PC. Overlayed on the maps you can clearly view your vehicle's history to ensure you never miss a movement.​

TAG GPS Tracking allows you to know the location of your vehicle in real time and recover it quickly if it is stolen. Keep an eye on learner drivers with a TAG GPS Tracking device in your car. Run reports on driving speed and locations your vehicle has visited and receive text alerts if your alarm is activated, your car is speeding or is in a crash.

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Run activity reports on your vehicle that show 1. Every address the vehicle has visited 2. Every journey the vehicle has made 3. Maximum and average speeds 4. Total stop time at each location​

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Added benefits include the ability to see what time your staff start and finish work, see how long they are on site and ensure customer queries are dealt with accurately and promptly. This adds up to a business solution that increases chargeable time, and reduces staff down time and running costs.​

TAG GPS Tracking provides accurate information about staff start and finish times and helps you gain maximum efficiency from each driver. The product helps you stop unauthorised after-hours or weekend use of your vehicles by telling you where your vehicles are at all times.

Increase the safety and security of your staff and vehicles, recover vehicles if they are stolen and protect your company’s brand by providing speeding and reckless driving alerts with TAG GPS Tracking. Receive out of zone alerts if your car is being used for personal use eg. driven out of town for the weekend plus alerts when Road User Charges, WOF/COF and vehicle registration are due. TAG GPS Tracking stops after-hours use of your vehicles and equipment

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Nostaa Group are committed to providing you with leading GPS solutions and the best customer service, to become New Zealand's preferred choice for GPS tracking needs.

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TAG GPS Tracking recovers expensive equipment in case of loss or theft, with out of zone alerts letting you know if your car is being used for personal use e.g. driven out of town for the weekend. TAG GPS Tracking helps you recover vehicles if they are stolen and can even lower your insurance rates.​

TAG GPS Tracking is the fleet management solution that allows you to track your fleet in real time. With TAG GPS Tracking you can increase your fleet’s time efficiency, reduce fleet operating costs, and ensure your staff are taking the best possible routes between jobs. 

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Whether we're providing a GPS Tracking solution for a fleet of vehicles or a private car, in every instance our aim is to provide an outstanding customer experience and create sound relationships built upon trust.

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