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Portable Bluetooth car kits give drivers the portability of a cell phone with the same speaker functions as a Bluetooth hands free set. Portable Bluetooth car kits often feature a clip for attaching to the sun visor, or a holster that may plug into an AC power source in the vehicle. These units feature a microphone and speaker, allowing drivers to both make and receive phone calls while driving.

Installed Bluetooth car kits are a much more permanent solution, and obviously can only be used within the vehicle it is installed in.​


Choosing between the two types mentioned above is largely a decision based on budget and the need for permanent or portable solution. For drivers who want to be able to use a hands free device in whatever car they are in, a portable Bluetooth kit will go with the driver as they change vehicles and is often more cost efficient, while an installed Bluetooth kit is more discreet, and is also more permanent.​

In either case, a hands free car kit will keep you and your family safe and ensure you stay on the right side of the law when communicating. And if you see a fellow traveller looking a little lonely in one of those epic Auckland traffic jams, wind down your window and tell them about this article – that’s if your not on your phone of course.

which one is right for you?

At Nostaa Group, we recommend Bluetooth style hands free kits. A Bluetooth hands free car kit is a system that transmits the audio and microphone capabilities of a cellphone to an external device, which is either portable or built into the vehicle. This system allows the driver to speak and hear a phone call without having to physically hold their cell phone in their hands.

An installed Bluetooth car kit requires drivers to have the hands free system professionally installed in their vehicle. The unit is usually embedded somewhere in the dashboard of a vehicle, and is relatively out of sight in most cases. A button is usually pushed to engage the Bluetooth system’s functions. 

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Some portable units also offer a talk-to-text option, where the system will convert spoken words into texts or emails.

Bluetooth hands free car kits have been designed to promote safety driving while still allowing for the convenience of using a cell phones.​ There are two types of Bluetooth hands free car kits – installed and portable. Each type has its set of benefits and drawbacks.

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Let’s face it; Auckland traffic isn’t going to improve any time soon. In fact, we’re more likely to be spending more and more time in our cars in the coming years as the city’s infrastructure and transport solutions struggle to keep up with population growth. If you don’t really enjoy your own company, now might be a good time to start trying. And as we creep along the roads on our daily commutes, timing our excursions to avoid the cattle rush of the afternoon school run, we have only one thing to keep us from unwittingly becoming automotive hermits – the hands free car kit.

A hands free car kit is not only god’s gift to communication on the go, it’s a mandatory car accessory after the NZ Government made it illegal to use a hand held mobile phone whilst driving in December 2010. As described in this NZ Herald Article, the legislation has been put in place after mounting evidence showed a direct correlation between their use and the potential to have a car accident.  

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